Auramala, the Book. WATCH THE TRAILER


The result of Phase One of the Auramala Project, the historical adventure novel ‘Auramala – The King Lives’ is currently available on Amazon [eBook VersionPaperback Version].
Don’t miss our fascinating blogposts on ‘The Writing of Towards Auramala’


In the shadow of Auramala Castle, high in the Apennines of northern Italy, English secret agents John de Ulgham and his pupil William de Tels are wrestling with a devastating choice: must they obey their orders and kill a man, though it means breaking every law, both worldly and divine? Or should they rescue their intended victim from exile and bring him back England?
It is the year 1337, and England is on the brink of war with France. In this crucial moment, a new threat arises: the young King Edward III is being blackmailed by a powerful Genoese merchant family, the House of Fieschi. John de Ulgham and William de Tels set off across Europe to eliminate the source of the Fieschi’s power, a mysterious Welsh pilgrim, tucked away in the Abbey of Sant’Alberto, in the Apennines. From London to Sluys, from Avignon to Genoa and Pavia, pirate tales, knife fights in crowded alleys, interviews with visionary priests, daring escapes, and encounters with fair maidens are punctuated by moments of reflection and meditation upon greater questions: what is the role of Fortune in our lives, and what is the nature of power itself?

The Author – Ivan Fowler
‘Towards Auramala’ is a novel by Ivan Fowler for Il Mondo di Tels.

Ivan Fowler is an Australian-born writer, storyteller and musician who lives in Pavia, Lombardy.

After achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Music, majoring in Vocal Studies, in Australia, Fowler moved to Italy where he studied composition at the Conservatorium of Milan for five years, and produced, among others, a mini-musical based on Geoffrey Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Tale.

Since 2009The Original History Walks, in cooperation with the Association The World of TELS, he has been the creator of
   The Original History Walks ® of  Pavia, Milan, Turin, Parma, Piacenza, Monza and
These spellbinding tours reveal the soul of Italian cities through their historical characters,
literature, art, architecture, mythology and music.

Be a part of ‘The Auramala Project’

‘Towards Auramala’ is more than a writing achievement; it is The Auramala Project, a team effort hatched by all of us at The World of Tels to help solve the mystery of King Edward II’s fate. Please use this blog to comment on the story, the history, the characters and the themes. Your contributions will be used to create a ‘final cut’ of the novel, to be published by 2015.


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