People who are re-writing a page of history

Vai all’italiano

Honouring contributors to the Auramala Project

Four generations of the Auramala Project at Sant’Alberto di Butrio, in the King’s Valley (Staffora Valley, Province of Pavia, Italy). Had all the people who have contributed to the Project been present, the group would have been four times the size!

Over the next few days I will be publishing a series of posts listing the many people who have contributed to the Auramala Project with their knowledge, expertise, and above all time. It’s very important for us to acknowledge their contributions, because it is fundamental to understand that the Auramala Project is a team effort, led by the Cultural Association ‘The World of Tels, based in Pavia, Italy, but involving people from different countries on different continents.

Today we can begin with people who have contributed to the historical side of the research:

Our two star contributors, who have literally read thousands of pages of archival material, in medieval handwriting, mostly in Latin, and have drawn exciting conclusions from them, are:

Elena Corbellini
Stefano Castagneto

Our constant and invaluable guide in all things relating to the Fieschi family is:

Mario Traxino

A highly significant contribution in the early days of research, orienting our quest for documents, was made by:

Luciano Maffi

Since then, the well-known English historians

Ian Mortimer
Kathryn Warner

have contributed with comments, ideas and criticism. Ian is always extremely willing to lend a hand, and replies instantly to queries and theories. Kathryn continues to play her part, especially by comparing tidbits of information we find with her vast, encyclopedic knowledge of King Edward II and of England and France in his day.

Others who have contributed to the historical research include:

In Italy
MariaRosa Gatti
Elena Giacomotti
Alice Galbiati
Don Vincenzo of Sant’Alberto di Butrio
Brother Ivan and the other friars of Sant’Alberto di Butrio, Order of Don Orione
Simonetta Castronovo of the Museums of Palazzo Madama, Turin
Annamaria Soligno
Claudia Zanocchi Soligno
Andrea Giacomotti
nonna Gina Calissano
Anna Corbi
Obizzo and Currado Malaspina of Bobbio
Monica Masanta
Luigi Panigazzi
Associazione Spino Fiorito
Giovanna Brazzola
Piera Spalla

In England
Sue and Christopher Gordon
Christopher and Liisa Springham
Steve and Sonia O’Hehir
Enrica and Timothy Biasi
Kevin McKenzie

In Australia
Patrick Ball of the University of Tasmania

The above list does not inlcude a large number of members of staff of archives, museums and other institutions who assisted our research, as part of their every-day work. This list is ever growing, and soon I will publish similar lists for the other areas of the research, and a fixed page to keep this important aspect of the Project up to date!

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