The Search for Edward II’s Descendants 7) – Kathryn Warner’s genealogical research

After Kathryn Warner’s visit to Pavia in late September, she became passionate about the genealogical side of the Auramala Project, and we are very, very happy about that. Kathryn turns out to have a real talent for genealogy, and with her extremely in-depth knowledge of the 14th century royal family and it’s many, many branches, she has an edge over most other researchers. In fact, Kathryn has done what we feared was not going to be possible – she has breached the obscurity barrier from the 1500s to the 1700s, for at least one line of matrilineal descent from Eleanor of Castile. In the space of literally a few days, Kathryn managed to trace 17 generations, and since the last generation includes no less than four women, all carrying Edward II’s (well, really Eleanor of Castile’s) mitochondrial DNA. What a breakthrough! This latest generation must surely bring the research into the 1700s. Please, any reader who finds any of the women listed below in their genealogy should get in touch with us, you may be the carrier of Edward II’s mitochondrial DNA!

Here is the text Kathryn sent to us in full:

17 Generations of Female Descent from Edward II’s Mother Eleanor of Castile – by Kathryn Warner

Generation 1) Eleanor of Castile, queen of England, countess of Ponthieu (c. late 1241 – 28 Nov 1290)

m. Edward I, king of England (17 June 1239 – 7 July 1307)


Generation 2) Joan of Acre (spring 1272 – 23 April 1307) [Note: Second surviving daughter of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile, born in the Holy Land]

m. (1) Gilbert ‘the Red’ de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford (2 Sept 1243 – 7 Dec 1295)


Generation 3) Elizabeth de Clare (16 Sept 1295 – 4 Nov 1360) [Note: Fourth child and third daughter, born just a few weeks before her father died; married three times and a very wealthy widow for almost forty years; co-heiress of her brother the earl of Gloucester with her older sisters Eleanor de Clare Despenser and Margaret de Clare Gaveston Audley; founded Clare College, Cambridge; often known by her first married name, Elizabeth de Burgh]

m. (2) Theobald de Verdon or Verdun, justiciar of Ireland (8 Sept 1278 – 27 July 1316) [Note: he abducted her from Bristol Castle in early February 1316 and forcibly married her]


Generation 4) Isabella de Verdon (21 March 1317 – 25 July 1349) [Note: Born at Amesbury Priory, Wiltshire, eight months after her father’s death, and named after her godmother, Edward II’s queen Isabella of France; Edward II sent a silver cup as a christening gift for his great-niece; younger half-sister via her mother of William Donn de Burgh, earl of Ulster, whose daughter and heir Elizabeth married Edward III’s second son Lionel of Antwerp; co-heiress of her father with her three older de Verdon half-sisters]

m. Henry, Lord Ferrers of Groby, Leicestershire (1290s/early 1300s – 15 Sept 1343)


Generation 5) Elizabeth Ferrers (c. mid to late 1330s – 22 Oct 1375)

m. David de Strathbogie, titular earl of Atholl (c. early 1330s – 10 Oct 1369) [Note: Son of Katherine Beaumont, whose sister Isabella married Henry of Grosmont, first duke of Lancaster; David was thus a first cousin of Blanche of Lancaster, who married Edward III’s third son John of Gaunt and was the mother of Henry IV]


Generation 6) Elizabeth de Strathbogie, also called Elizabeth of Atholl (1361 – 1416)

m. (2) Sir John le Scrope (will dated 23 Dec 1405)


Generation 7) Elizabeth le Scrope (c. 1395 – 1430)

m. Sir Thomas Clarell of Aldwark (1394 – 1430)


Generation 8) Elizabeth Clarell (c. 1415 – 1503)

m. Sir Richard Fitzwilliam of Aldwark (will proved 5 Sept 1488)


Generation 9) Margaret Fitzwilliam (? – ?; her brother was born in 1448) [Note: had two sisters Isabel and Katherine; possibly more female lines to be investigated here]

m. Ralph Reresby (d. 1530)


Generation 10) Elizabeth Reresby (? – ?)

m. Edward Eyre of Holm Hall (d. 1557)


Generation 11) Lucy Eyre (d. before 1556) [Note: had sister Anne Eyre]

m. Humphrey Stafford of Eyam (the famous plague village in Derbyshire)


Generation 12) Gertrude Stafford (d. either before 1600 or in 1624) [Note: Gertrude had sisters Alice, Ann and Catherine Stafford; possibly more female lines here; another line from Catherine is below]

m. Rowland Eyre of Hassop (d. 1626)


Generation 13) Jane Eyre (seriously!!!) (d. after 1611) [Note: had sister Frances Eyre]

m. Christopher Pegge


Generation 14) Jane Eyre and Christopher Pegge had daughters Prudence Pegge, b. 1598, and Anne Pegge.

Another line, the same as above to Generation 11, Lucy Eyre

Generation 11) Lucy Eyre

m. Humphrey Stafford of Eyam, Derbyshire


Generation 12) Catherine Stafford (d. 1595), sister of Gertrude Stafford, above

m. Rowland Morewood of The Oaks


Generation 13) Anne Morewood (b. c. 1578) [Note: had sisters Gertrude, Mary, Alice, Faith and Elizabeth Morewood; possibly more female lines here to check]

m. James Bullock of Greenhill in July 1607


Generation 14) Elizabeth Bullock (christened 12 April 1608)

m. Godfrey Froggatt of Mayfield (d. 1664)


Generation 15) Elizabeth Froggatt (1636-1669) [Note: Elizabeth Bullock and Godfrey Froggatt also had daughters Alice, Catherine, Barbara (1639-1675), Anne, Mary and Priscilla Froggatt, Elizabeth’s sisters. With any luck should be some lines of descent to trace here]

m. Thomas Burley of Greenhill


Generation 16) Sarah Burley

m. Charles Johnstone of Pontefract


Generation 17) Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah and Barbara Johnstone [Note: I don’t have their dates of birth and death or any more info, but this must take us into the 1700s ]


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    1. I think we are, Kathryn, it’s only a matter of time now! Hope lot’s of people can contribute with their family trees…

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